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  • March 29, 2016

String Demons Live Critique from ”Kulturosupa.gr”

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Posted 14 February 2016 From Pizza Stasinopoulou
«STRING DEMONS»: Never was over the “hell” of divine demons! We saw & commenting yesterday evening in M2

It is possible two “demons” to carry on a musical paradise with their angelic playing? Two “demons” burdened youth, talent and gifts to offer you a magic … hellish night? Is too, when it comes to a Delphi Constantine and Lydia Boudounis , the “demonic” string duet ” String Demons ‘ , we had the pleasure to enjoy – in every sense of orou- Thessaloniki Concert Hall, a unique concert the city public. Although measuring less than two years as “official” group, it is evident from the massive turnout and the reactions of the public, they have fanatical fans and of course the right so … more so … more so! Because they are two separate artists, modeled as if for what they do, in a completely their own, special way.

With the lights out, atmospheric soundtrack, the “dark” appearance of Constantine to the scene, immediately had the feeling that something “different” happening here, out of conventional molds to the spectacular, luminous entrance Lydia through the public playing “evil” the violin. Which he toured playing in the audience, took the stage to join the cello Constantine and begin the feast of music that captivated us with the opening song “Your eyelids shine” … In enlightened anymore scene from viewing perspective, we the opportunity to see two “beautiful youth” with shiny faces, two artists with cute, youthful stylaki, a successful combination of humor, freedom and stylistic terms.

In terms of listening … sorry, but what if it’s a little transfer and unable to repay the lively delight the senses! Which pleasure brought about by a possible mismatch of many factors, focusing always the magic of music, as a result of two ” diabolical “strings. That the hands of two great craftsmen with fingers petousan- as if not touching the strings, they caught fire and take off the sound soaring! Apart from the given virtuosity two musicians who despite their young age, count already plenty of credentials to their resumes, an item that really impressed me was the almost incredible synchronization between them, precisely so admirable, as if playing a man while the two institutions … with four hands! Resonant almost breath and look, something that requires endless hours of playing together, two people in such close contact that are “one”.

The second thing that impressed, beyond the sound performance was imagination in remixes and mixes disparate songs, where a conventional mind can not imagine say the Hatzidakis combined with rock and much more … religious eulogies with chevy metal! But the imagination of both artists managed to reconcile the “evil” in a musical aesthetic result, with this iconic sound of original and extremely apodosmenon through string orchestrations. Which received support piece rhythm with percussion and mainly with “boot” at the feet of Constantine, adding intensity and dynamic, rhythmic tempo in sounds, as kathoristiko- charming accompanying melodies. We admired the way was adapted by imaginative talent, knowledge and respect , features pieces of great artists like “your eyelids shine”, “blood love”, “the crabs’ songs M. and M. Hatzidakis. Chian, traditional as the Thracian” Lianochortaroudia “…

However music tour was not content to ‘home’, we traveled from rock to classical music (a lovely Vivaldi) and of course in their own compositions characterized by something very important for a creator: have a distinct identity and personal mark, with an exceptional combination of atmospheric melody, spirited performance and style, like the “lyra song from the top of Olympus playing for the distant beloved” or as the unpredictable “Life and … riffraff a politician” who was accompanied on stage by “theatrale” prose / story … All this in a program wisely structured in terms of choice, well executed in artistic level plus ultra ‘staged’, although not read anywhere on … direction.

And perhaps the last made ​​a dramatic difference from similar small symphonic concerts shapes limited to impeccable hand, but static and ‘dry’ musical performances within the framework completely conventional. Because in this case, by the virtuosity of the string, the imagination of adaptations, wonderful sounds, swelled the ingenuity and intense communication that completed the enjoyment of the evening. Especially talkativeness Constantine, was a revelation with regard to the stage of comfort, communication immediacy, the humor, the enjoyable quotes prefacing or commenting on the pieces and not just “taking” from the first minutes the audience with him into a continuous exchange of energy and vitality both sides.

A charismatic, not only a musician and performer, transmitting concrete what we call “fine art” with the spirit of freedom of an authentic artist , out of contracts or rigged molds, with humor beneficial and innocence of a large child actually “plays” without however, it never loses its sense of proportion! He said many cute, but the cue “You can find us easily on the internet … of course, first hitting the String will send you other things unrelated with us … those string is for other bodies!” Made the audience burst into spontaneous laughter. Or when asked to “get real”, playing a horn …. Or when “mind” silent Lydia, which is next to a quiet strength left her violin to speak with moments of musical frenzy and strong presence filled the stage and the square catalytic wandering often among the audience. But on stage, few remained seated, unlike rhythmic kinesiology steadily came with her ​​playing, while Constantine called for our participation in vocals … threatening that “we will go to 2 if you do not succeed!”

The minimum will be marked at the technical level was the sound setting, as the cello intensity often covered the violin in simultaneous play. Otherwise, our most serious objection concerns the fact that … NOT satiated! Approximately 80 minutes proved ultimately very little about this wonderful experience at all levels and we wanted more! One will say: IF all the “demons” were as specific “string”, the … hell would be unique paradise!
We thank them from the heart and Carter quickly return!
SEE & car: The String Demons, speaking in Kulturosupa.gr HERE

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